About Us

Our Story

The Colombian Coffee Connection LLC. was born in April 2017 from a young man’s dream, to share the heart of Colombia with a portion of America that is the discerning coffee drinker. Ervin Liz is a young indigenous Colombian, through significant efforts by his family and himself as well as the generosity of the United World Colleges he was able to finish high school in Norway. Earning an international baccalaureate (IB) degree from UWC Norway opened him a door to come to America and attend college at Luther in Decorah Iowa. As a young boy, Ervin recalls helping to cultivate, grow and ultimately harvest the beautiful ripe coffee beans that the world enjoys. Ervin attended college at Luther and was an economics student.

As the founder of the Colombian Coffee Connection and a member of the Nasa tribe, Ervin Liz is committed to paying our farmers what is fair for their product while delivering our customers one of the best single source coffees in the world. To this end, the CCC team personally traveled to Colombia visiting each farm and cupping each product to ensure the acquisition of only the highest quality coffee. Visiting our farmers individually strengthens our alliance with them and ensures that their product is appropriately appreciated and rewarded. Our coffee is handpicked and imported from a selected number of Nasa indigenous farmers from the Tierradentro region in Cauca, Colombia


To deliver the freshest, most excellent single source Colombian coffee while fairly compensating our farmers for their product.


To deliver only the highest quality and freshest cup of coffee from our farmers directly to your cup. To avoid intermediaries between the farmer and the consumer, thus increasing the farmer’s income. To import the coffee to our warehouse within 30 days after harvest. To create alliances with our top quality producers where we match our customer’s palates to the farmer’s offerings. To help our farmers achieve their dreams by fairly compensating them for their product.

The Team

At the helm of our company are Jon Baklund and Ervin Liz.

Jon is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in business. Among his many ventures, he owns a micro-molding company producing parts for medical devices. Jon is a highly passionate and caring entrepreneur.  He has demonstrated his care for others, especially to the youth, by giving entrepreneurial talks at colleges and universities and through his philanthropic work.

Ervin, on the other hand, is a United World College graduate from Norway (2012), he also recently graduated from Luther College with a BA in economics. His experience in the coffee business comes from growing up in the Andes mountains and working on the family coffee farm.

Ervin is a member Nasa indigenous tribe, he is originally from Colombia, and he is the son of a former coffee farmer. Growing up on a farm allowed Ervin to learn what it takes to cultivate, harvest and deliver one of the best coffees in the world.

Join us in this venture as we grow the Colombian Coffee Connection.