Misael And Luz Muse

Misael Muse is a Nasa indigenous farmer who lives on his farm near the town of San Vicente in the municipality of Paez, Colombia. His farm is at an altitude of 6500 feet above sea level, and it is called “Los Pinos” or the pine trees. In his estate, Misael has roughly 10,000 coffee trees from the varietals Caturra and Variedad Colombia. His annual harvest is nearly 10,000 pounds.

Misael’s coffee has been cupped on several occasions and was rated triple-A* three consecutive years. Misael is so dedicated to producing top quality coffee that he became severely ill two years ago after laboring too long under the sun while striving to dry his coffee correctly. Today Misael is in good health and is thoroughly committed to continuing to deliver only the best from his farm.

Misael has been growing coffee for over ten years, and he has three young children; all of whom are currently attending primary school. Misael’s dream – as he stated it to the CCC team – is to continue producing top quality coffee and accumulate enough savings to purchase land close to the road. Misael’s current farm is about 2 hours away by foot from the nearest commercial road. At the Colombian Coffee Connection, we believe that we can help Misael by bringing his coffee directly to you, thus allowing us to compensate him up to 3x more than anyone has ever paid him for his coffee.

Coffee Details

Growing Altitude: 6500 feet. See map.

Washing and drying: fermented for 20 hours, dried for a week under sun

Flavor and aroma: brilliant acidity and lemongrass aroma with a sweet aftertaste

Cupping rating: 84.5

Quantity available: 600 lbs

Quantity rejected from original batch: 150 lbs

Maximum allowed purchase per person: unlimited

Price/bag (12-OZ): $24

Coffee Economics

One bag of coffee makes 35 8-oz cups of coffee. At $24 a bag of Misael’s coffee will cost you 0.68 cents per cup. At Starbucks, a freshly brewed cup of low quality coffee of the same size will cost you no less than $2.7. You save $2.02 per cup, or $70.7 per bag, by purchasing Misael’s fresh, clean and healthy specialty coffee.