Three reasons why people don’t want to farm coffee anymore

Three main reasons why less and less people want to continue growing coffee in countries where it has been traditionally grown for decades.

How and why we decided to import and sell organic, chemical-free coffees only

We are firm believers in the health benefits of clean and organic eating. That is why all our coffees are organic and chemical-free grown.

The power of generosity – Building a new home for Angelica and Hermelindo Nez

The power of generosity. Please read to learn how $1320 are making a significant difference in the lives of Angelica and Hermelindo Nez.

What is the Colombian Coffee Connection & how and why we do what we do

Our goal is to deliver a fantastic cup of coffee while providing a genuine experience of what it is like to drink a fresh cuppa coffee directly on a farm.

How to increase quality and create long-lasting sustainability in the specialty coffee production chain. A case study

The best way to empower coffee growing communities is to train and help them understand what quality means and how they can achieve it.

What is coffee with heart and why it matters

Coffee With Heart has allowed us to formulate and develop two exciting projects to this date. To learn more and get involved click on and read this article.

A lesson from the coffee farm – Leveraging automation to increase efficiency

Efficiency is key, whether it be in business or in one’s personal life. This is the efficiency principle I learned as a kid on my father’s coffee farm.

Cloud grown coffee – The effect of elevation and the fog moisture in coffee quality

Yes, you heard it right, cloud grown coffee is a real thing. Read more to learn how elevation and moisture carried by fog affect the quality of coffee in the Tierradentro region of Colombia.

Coffee from a farmer’s perspective – Part two. Challeges & rewards.

This is part two of “Coffee from a farmer’s perspective”. Please read on to learn about the challenges and rewards of running a coffee farm.

Mill City Roasters 2 KG Roaster Review – Four reasons why we love our roaster

Overall we are highly satisfied with our Mill City Roasters 2 KG and the people behind it. These are the four reasons why we are so happy with our machine.