Some people have asked me why we do not sell grounded coffee. While grounded coffee is, in fact, a convenience when you don’t have a coffee grinder, there is a lot of reasons why you should never buy already grounded coffee.

It has come to my attention that some people believe that “strong” coffees should be bitter by nature. Bitter coffees, however, are quite the contrary to what a strong coffee is. In fact, a coffee becomes so bitter due to a long roasting process where the sugars inside the bean go from the “caramelization” stage to the burnt stage. In other words what you are tasting is charcoal, not coffee.

Earlier in the week, a customer asked me if I had an espresso roast for sale. I explained to her that there is not technically an espresso roast. Espresso is, in fact, a brewing method and a drink and not a specific roast or blend type.

Listen to our talk with Ivan Temelkov of the Human Business Narrative podcast. Here we will dig deep into our humanitarian initiative and the impact that a small effort has on those in most need.

In this episode, I talk with Jon and Ervin of the Colombian Coffee Connection. We talk about having patience, being adaptable, and the human side of business.

With the help of neighbors, Angelica and Hermelindo began the construction of the foundations for their new home on Monday, February 19. Click the link to see images and learn more about our humanitarian initiative “Coffee With Heart”.

Jon and I are very interested in hearing about your overall experience with our coffee and we want to reward you for letting us know your thoughts.

Elevation has major effects on the quality of your coffee including taste, aroma and caffeine content. These are the three main effects of elevation on the quality of your cup.

Coffee grind size is a matter of extreme importance when it comes to achieving the perfect cup. These are our thoughts on the subject.

In July the CCC team traveled to Colombia for the first time. What was meant to be a comfortable business trip quickly turned into an adventure.