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Humanitarian Initiative

10% of sales profits go back to the community to help Nasa indigenous elders improve their living conditions. The funds are used to assist abandoned elders with food items, housing, and related needs. Click the button below to learn more about our humanitarian program.

Our Coffee

Grown in the Andes of Colombia at 6000 ft. by Nasa indigenous farmers our coffee is an excellent choice for coffee lovers and coffee shops interested in featuring a third wave, single source, Colombian coffee.

The coffee is purchased directly from the growers, allowing us to compensate them more than three times compared to the traditional market.

How is our coffee different?


Our coffee is purchased directly from Misael Muse and Dilmer Muchicon. They are both indigenous coffee farmers from the Nasa tribe. The coffee is purchased directly at their farms and from there it gets processed and transported to America via airplane in a record three weeks after harvest. Transporting our coffee via airplane not only guarantees a fresher product due to a faster delivery but it also prevents common issues associated with coffee transported via containers such as strong odors, humidity, mold, and dust. Our small batch importing business model allows us to be leaders both in terms of quality control and transportation speed. Our highly efficient business model allows us to offer you one of the freshest small batch coffees in America.


Our coffee has probably one of the cleanest and smoothest cups in the American market for Colombian coffees, and no, this is definitely not an overstatement. This rare and unique characteristic is achieved through a series of processes starting at the farms of origin and culminating at our roasting facilities in Hutchinson, MN. First, the coffee is grown virtually chemical free. Our farmers do not use chemical herbicides or pesticides in their farms. Second, the coffee is handpicked at its ripest point and manually screened for imperfect or small beans, as well as any other alien objects all of which are 100% removed from our export bags. And third, the coffee is manually roasted in a 2.2 kg Mill City Roasters industrial roaster which allows us to meticulously monitor the roasting process hence achieving a perfect roast for a perfectly smooth and clean cup.


Our coffee is healthy in three different ways. First, the coffee is organically grown without the use of chemical pesticides or herbicides. Misael and Dilmer use organic matter such as the pulp of the coffee, chicken manure and similar components as fertilizers. Second, given the high altitude at which our coffee is grown, it is free from the two most common diseases of the coffee, the leaf rust, and the boring beetle. Given that the coffee plants are well nourished and healthy they produce large, dense and perfect beans. Third, the coffee is screened, transported, roasted and packaged with highest levels of hygiene. During the roasting process, we also make sure to not over roast the coffee thus preventing the essential and normal oils from leaving the beans. Oily coffee beans are unhealthy because oils oxidate upon contact with air making this kind of coffees unhealthy for human consumption.

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What Our Customers Say

So far, I have only had the opportunity to brew using a drip machine. Even at that, the differences are amazing! The aroma of the roasted whole beans surprised me. In fact, I found the first whiff a bit off-putting when compared to the highly-refined and potentially over-processed coffee I’m used to smelling. There is […]

Gregory Patton, PhD

I typically brew my coffee through an AeroPress which in many ways enhances the flavor and I can say with confidence that this coffee is by far the best coffee I have brewed. I have had it from just your standard drip coffee machine as well and it was great! Not only is this coffee […]

Isaac Hurst

So, I’ve never ever been a coffee drinker… Until I had this coffee! The freshest, cleanest, most high-quality roasted coffee beans you will find. I highly recommend this coffee to both coffee lovers and non-coffee lovers.

Rachel Erickson


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