• Coffee With Heart

    Help us build new homes for abandoned indigenous elders in Colombia while enjoying the freshest, cleanest and healthiest specialty coffee.

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Humanitarian Initiative

10% of sales profits go back to the community to help Nasa indigenous elders improve their living conditions. The funds are used to assist abandoned elders with food items, housing, and related needs. Click the button below to learn more about our humanitarian program.

Our Coffee

Grown in the Andes of Colombia at 6000 ft. by Nasa indigenous farmers our coffee is an excellent choice for coffee lovers and coffee shops interested in featuring a third wave, single source, Colombian coffee.

The coffee is purchased directly from the growers, allowing us to compensate them more than three times compared to the traditional market. The following are our three core product values.

From farm to our warehouse in Hutchinson, MN. in three weeks. Delivered within two weeks after roasting and packaging.

All coffees have cups rating 86+.

Sourced directly from our farmers and handled in-house all the way from the farms to the moment it reaches your cup.

Featured Products

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  • Los Pinos Coffee by Misael Muse – Dark Roast


What Our Customers Say

I typically brew my coffee through an AeroPress which in many ways enhances the flavor and I can say with confidence that this coffee is by far the best coffee I have brewed. I have had it from just your standard drip coffee machine as well and it was great! Not only is this coffee really good but I have been able to get to know the founder Ervin Liz and I can say that the people behind roasting these beans are genuinely good-hearted people!

I would recommend this coffee to anyone who enjoys good coffee!

Isaac Hurst

So far, I have only had the opportunity to brew using a drip machine. Even at that, the differences are amazing! All I can say is that you can taste the altitude!
There is such a freshness and purity to the flavor. The floral notes you find in many excellent coffees, the earthiness in the aroma of the beans, and the bitterness are simply not there.
What you have is simply, and extraordinary, COFFEE!
I can’t wait to try this using a more sophisticated brewing technique!!!

Gregory Patton, PhD

So, I’ve never ever been a coffee drinker… Until I had this coffee! The freshest, cleanest, most high-quality roasted coffee beans you will find. I highly recommend this coffee to both coffee lovers and non-coffee lovers.

Rachel Erickson


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